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Public Administrations in the Age of ICTs (vol. 18, no. 1-2)

Over the last two decades, information and communication technologies have considerably evolved, forcing public administrations to adapt their ways of doing business. The most recent issue of the online French-language journal “Télescope” is dedicated to ICTs. Researchers from around the world share the results of their research concerning a range of subjects such as transparency, e-Governance, social networks, service delivery and shared services, open-source software, public registers, cloud computing and costs.

Open Government and E-Government: Democratic Challenges from a Public Value Perspective >>>
Teresa M. Harrison, Santiago Guerrero, G. Brian Burke, Meghan Cook, Anthony Cresswell, Natalie Helbig, Jana Hrdinová, Theresa Pardo

The Impact of E-government Use of Social Networking Media on Government Transparency and Public Participation >>>
Jensen J. Zhao, Sherry Y. Zhao

Delivering Public Services via SMS: Types of the Services and the Acceptance Factors >>>
Tony Dwi Susanto, Robert Goodwin

Shared Services as a Collaboration Strategy and Arrangement in Public Service Networks >>> 
Marijn Janssen, Muhammad Kamal, Vishanth Weerakoddy, Anton Joha

Cyber-control and Cyber-espionage Activities in the Age of Cloud Computing: Evidence from China >>>
Nir Kshetri