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Sustainable Development (vol. 17, no. 2)

The interest in issues surrounding the concept of sustainable development has risen sharply since the seminal definition was first formulated in 1987. Now, public authorities can no longer disregard the vital role played by this concept in their policies. Accordingly, sustainable development is the central theme of the latest issue of the online, French-language journal known as "Télescope". Researchers from Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, Sweden, Finland, Australia and Africa give their views on the challenges entailed by this notion. Their original, well buttressed analyses offer insight into the strategies, achievements and obstacles of sustainable development, a concept integrating the three constituent dimensions of economic development, social development and environmental protection.

Sustainable Development in Sweden: Rhetoric, Politics and Practice >>> 
Rolf Lidskog, Ingemar Elander

Sustainable Development: Learning, Innovations and the Economy >>> 
Mikael Hildén

Sustainability and Impingement: A New Multi-Disciplinary Approach >>> 
Mark Sproule-Jones
Understanding the Selection of Policy Instruments in Canadian Climate-Change Policy >>> 
David Houle, Douglas Macdonald