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Public Sector Auditing (vol. 18, no. 3)

The most recent issue of Télescope, published in December, is dedicated to public sector auditing. In particular, the contributors discuss the expansion of auditing over the last several years and the role it has played in respect of control, efficiency, performance and accountability in government organizations. Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands, the authors take up a range of themes, including anti-fraud and –corruption initiatives and enhanced government transparency. All articles are in French, but three of them link to papers also produced in English.

The Public Sector Audit Explosion: An Illusion of Control? >>> 
Marie-Soleil Tremblay, Bertrand Malsch

The Public Sector Auditor: Trait-D’union in Public Administration >>> 
Martin Dees

Internal Government Auditors ‘at the Crest’: Ideology, Politics, and Morality and the Fight Against Fraud and Corruption >>> 
Jeff Everett, Dean Neu, Abu Shiraz Rahaman